Retreiving ADComputer Obj based on filter...

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Re: Retreiving ADComputer Obj based on filter...

Post by cody m » Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:22 am

So you're almost right with using -notlike to get everything that is not Windows 2008, and Windows 2012; but you need to use -and rather than -or so it would look like this.

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foreach ($Machine in $Servers) {
$UnUseableOS += get-adcomputer -Identity $Machine -Properties * | Select-Object -property name,operatingsystem | where-object -filterscript { $PSItem.operatingsystem -notlike "Windows Server 2008*" -and $PSItem.operatingsystem -notlike "Windows Server 2012*" }
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Re: Retreiving ADComputer Obj based on filter...

Post by jvierra » Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:23 am

You don't need to or want to use select-object:

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$servers |
    ForEach-Object{get-adcomputer $_ -Properties operatingsystem} |
    Where-Object{$_.operatingsystem -notmatch 'Windows Server 2008|Windows Server 2012' }|
    Select-Object name, operatingsystem
Selecting and formatting should always be done last. Using "match" is more flexible and can coalesce logic statements for simplicity and readability.