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Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell 2nd ed.

Use as a reference cookbook or read cover to cover as a thorough tutorial.

So you’ve got Active Directory and do you make them work together? How do you add 500 new user accounts complete with group membership using only a few commands? How do you find all your obsolete computer accounts and move them to another OU? How do you create a report of all your empty groups?

Find out in Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell, 2nd ed. You'll not only learn about managing Active Directory users and groups with PowerShell, but also computer accounts, group policy, Active Directory infrastructure and more. Revised and expanded with over 85% new material, coverage includes PowerShell solutions from Microsoft, Quest Software, and SDM Software as well as out-of-the-box PowerShell features like the [ADSI] type adaptor.

Inside you will find plenty of real-world and practical examples, including complete scripts you can use right now to get your job done faster and more efficiently! This book is not only the definitive guide to managing Active Directory, but also local directory services. Need to manage the local administrator account on 1000 servers? Need to find out who belongs to the local administrators group on those 1000 servers? You can easily accomplish those tasks and more with PowerShell right from your desktop. Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell, 2nd Ed. can be used as a reference cookbook or read cover to cover as a thorough tutorial led by a Windows PowerShell MVP and Active Directory expert.

PowerShell IS the Windows management tool of today, so what are you waiting for?

Table of Contents

  • Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell Fundamentals
  • Managing Active Directory Users
  • Active Directory Password Management
  • Managing Active Directory Contacts
  • Managing Active Directory Groups
  • Managing Active Directory Computer Accounts
  • Managing Organizational Units and Containers
  • Managing Group Policy
  • Active Directory Security and Permissions
  • The Active Directory Recycle Bin and Recovered Objects
  • Using the Active Directory PSDrive Provider
  • Managing Service Accounts
  • Managing Active Directory Infrastructure
  • (Appendix A) Managing Local Users and Groups
  • (Appendix B) Managing Active Directory with PowerShell and ADSI

About the Author

Jeffery Hicks is a multi-year Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell and an IT veteran with almost 20 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies. He works today as an independent author, trainer and consultant. Jeff writes the popular Prof. PowerShell column for, is a contributor to a number of online scripting communities, and a frequent conference speaker. Throughout his career, Jeff has leveraged the available tools and techniques for automating Windows administration. His experience with a wide range of organizations and technologies provides a wealth of knowledge he is eager to share through teaching, writing, community participation, mentoring and public speaking.

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