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Feature Peek 2011: Compare and Merge

Saturday, September 25th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
PrimalScript had a visual file comparison feature since 4.0. With the release of PrimalScript 2009 Studio we also added PrimalMerge, a tool to compare and merge not only files but also folders. While evaluating the feature line-up for our 2011 releases, we realized that comparing files in PrimalScript just so you have to then launch PrimalMerge, compare again and make the merge is a few steps too many. So without further ado, here is PrimalMerge 2011: PrimalMerge 2011 will be part of PrimalScript 2011, PrimalForms 2011, PrimalXML 2011 and PrimalSQL 2011. It will no longer be available as a stand-aloneā€¦   More »